Today we will be introducing our first Block Muzik Radio spotlight artist, Savo.  I came across Savo on Facebook almost a year ago.  Anyone that knows me, knows im hard on artists…..all artists.  You really have to impress me in order for me to A: Listen to you and B: Cosign you.  Savo is that dude.  His Divide And Conquer EP is a  7 track intro to his passion.


Savo – Divide And Conquer EP by thelegendarytraxster

Download Here

I set up an interview with Savo and you can take a peek into this up and coming artists life after the cut…


1. When did you first discover your creative talents?

Ummm I First Discovered My Talents When i Was 9 Years Old. I Had Recorded a couple Songs On My karaoke machine. Peoples Reactions to My Music Made Me Believe i Was Talented. They Would Say Umm “Shorty Dope” and or “aye Thats Lil Trax” “You Heard lil Trax Spit”. So It Really Made Me Pursue The Dream To The Fullest.

2. How would you describe your “life journey” up to today in 5 words or less?

In 5 Words My Life’s Journey Would Be, “After Everything Im Still Living”. I Say This Because Its Been alot of situations ive Been Through that ive Seen Most people Give up, Or Get Demotivated from there Life’s And Dreams. I Refused to Be In That Box. You Can Not Tell Me That Anything isnt Possible, You can Not Scare me Away From My Goals. You Will Not Kill Me, Because I Wont Let You. I Am a Survivor. I Wont Let Anything Destroy or Steer me away from My Purpose. And After Everything said And Done I Will Still Be Here.

3. What would you say inspires you to keep going through the rough struggle of a up and coming artist?

I Would Say What inspires Me to keep Going The Most In This Struggle Is Seeing My Friends and Family Actually Believe in Me. Seeing Too Many of My Friends and Loved ones Drop out of the Race for there Dreams. Sometimes i Feel Like the Last Hope. For Every Street fight me and my Guys fought, for every Snake nigga, fake bitch that ever betrayed me, for Every time i walked in the rain With my head held high, but did Not Drown. It All Gives Me What i Need To Go On. “If its Me and You On a Tread mill and we are in Competition its Either 2 things that are going to happen, Your Getting off First Or im Going To Die. “Will Smith” Thats How I Feel In The Race Against My Struggle Im Going To Win Period.

4. How would you describe your musical style?

I Would Describe My Music as a Long Lasting Energy. Style Wise I Feel as Though Im a Lyrical Rapper Over Club Beats And Alternative Beats. Think My Best Music Ive Made Is Over Serious Beats with Real Concepts. I feel Like My Music Is Portions Of My Mental That i Share With The World. I Feel as Though I Will be one Of the most Talented Artist To ever Exist. Its A lot Of Emotion In My Music Rather a Party Song or a Serious Song. See ima Very Thoughtful Person So i think About All to Before i Speak it. I Think My Music Reflects me 100%.

5. Who are some of your major influences when making music?

While Actually Making Music, the People that influence me are My Crew. lol I Actually Make A lot Of Music While there Present because the Energy From them Helps Build into My Character. I Grew Up Listening to Twista, D.o.d. Bow wow, Crucial Conflict, A lot Of Artist from My City. If you Listen to how i Word My words You Can See that They Def’ Influenced my Music. But In The Process of Making Actual Songs I Seldom try to Let My Idols Or This Industry Influence My Thoughts because i Need To Believe Im The Best and That Im 100% Doing me. If I Think To Much About The World Or The Industry ill be Demotivated and or Watered Down. but if i wanna make a Beat Like a Certain Producer ill Listen to there Production First. lol

6. What other musicians/artists do YOU listen to in your free time?

I Actually Listen To More Alternative Music and Rock Then i do Rap Sometimes. Just Because The More Recent Generations Rappers Aren’t Always relating to Me In a Emotional Way Or In a Way I NEED them to. I Hope I Can Change That For People Who Feel Like Me. My Favorite Bands Are Lincoln Park, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, I Love Adele, I Fucks Wit Skrillex, Rap Wise, Twista Heavy Wayne Heavy lol Umm Rick Ross Wiz Khalifa Jay Z, Kanye, Pretty Much The People With More To Say Then Nothing.

7. Describe your dream, Where would you like to see your career in 5 yrs? 10 yrs?

My Dream Is To Change The World. When i Say That I Mean To Make People Understand Each Other Without the Color, Genres, Genders. I Want White, Black, Mexicans, Africans, Asians, Everything to Listen to me and Feel Like One Race. The Things I Plan To Talk About aren’t Just Partying and Smiles. As a Race Of Humans we all Share A Lot Of Common Allies and Enemies. Im Here to Break The Fear That Holds Us Back From Siding With Each other. In 5 Years I See My Self As a Force That People Recognize and Respect. In 10 Years i See Myself as a Global Icon. And To Some A Feared Man.

8. What do you dislike most about the industry? What would you like to see different?

I DisLike How Women Are Treated In The Industry as Far as The Things They Have to Go Through to Get Signed or just Further There Careers Mostly Unseen to The World. And I Have a High dislike In The Placement Of The A&R Ears For Most Artist. I Feel Like Let Artist Create. Let Us Fly and Show Our Selves for Who we Are, The Industry Only Cares About Winning So Bad That They Take away From The Whole Reason Music Won In The First Place, From Being Organic. I Don’t Blame the Industry For Not Wanting To Loose Money in there Investments But all I Can Say is Let The Music Speak Stop All The Over Thinking Marketing. They Think they Know Everything. No. No One Does. I Would Like to See and Hope That The Internet Continues to Help Expose True Artist. In a Few Years You Might not Need a Major.

9. What is your fondest musical memory? (in your house, studio, at a gig, etc)

Umm There Was a Time Before The Big Studios, and Ect. That i recorded in My Friend Dave’s Aka SinCity’s Basement. I Think That Was The Most Potent and Organic Space Ive Ever Been In. Me And The Guys Would Work With Out Since of Time and Hunger. Barely Saw Daylight. And This Was With out any redBulls Running Straight off of motivation and Excitement.

10. Any concerts/shows coming up you want the fans to know about?

Not As Of Yet Promoters And Venues Can Still Book Me, We Are Still Planing Promo Tours and Ect. But Nothing is 100 as Of Yet But i Have This Feeling Its Right Around The Corner.

11. Any albums, out or in the works, videos? What story does it tell?

On September 12 2011 I Dropped a E.p. Called Divide and ConQuer Available on Free Download The Story it Tells Is About a Young Rapper From Chicago Thats Hungry. I Believe That In That E.p. I Pretty Much Proved That i Can Do Anything. Its a 7 Song E.p. But Download it and you will get the Experience as if it was a 12 Song Album. I Have Still a Long Ways To Go. More Music on The Way, i am Now Finishing up My Latest E.p.

12. If you could work on a song with ANY artist, who would you pick and why? (Dead or Alive)

If i Could Work On a Song With Any Artist Dead Or Alive it Would probably Be Adele. Her Home Town Song Inspired me. I Would Want To link Up With Her And Do A Song With That Strong Feeling.

13. Any shout outs you would like to give anyone who helped you get where you are today?

S/o The Legendary Traxster For Everything. Give a S/o to My Lil Bro Reeky For Neva Leaving My Side. He Keeps Me Believing in My Self. S/O My Mother For Raising Me Right. I Would Also Like To S/o a Man Named Richard Jones Because He Dedicated A lot Of His Life to Being There For me And My Brother. There is No Type of repayment i can ever Give Him For his Time on Earth. But If He Ever Reads This I Just Wanna say Thank You. S/o All My Haters and Enemies, Thank Yall For Doing What Chall did to Make Me Go Harder.

14. Any advice to any up and comers trying to make it?

Advice To Anyone Trying to Make it. Go Hard, Stay Consistent, Keep Putting Out a Good Quality Sound, And Always Be Your Self. Don’t Let People Tell You You Cant. “You Only Fail When You Quit”.

15. If you could have any car what would you drive?

lol at This Question but I Would Drive a 4 Door Porsche as a Kid and teen I Grind A lot. . . . Helping My Mama Pay Bills SomeTimes at 9 Years Old so I Neva Always Just Got What i Wanted lol But When I Make It I Will Spoil My Self Cuz I feel I Deserve it.

16. If you could take back all the effort you put into music and put it somewhere else, would you do it?

No I Love Music This Is What i Do.

17. Interested in doing shows with other local artists?

Yea I Think It Would Be Fun And Something id Love to Do. Cant Say Any Names But Im Down For The Cause.

18. Last Question, Why do you do this? (Money, Fame, Family, Prove Yourself, or other reason)

I Do This Because I Love to, But as I Go On Through My Career my Motives tend to Change Up Now And Then. Sometimes i Want to Be a Image Of Hope in The Worlds Eyes, Sometimes i Want to Prove To My Self and Everyone Who Doubted me i Told you so. But The Thing That Wont Change, Is My Connection With The People. I Love Life And The People In It and I Only Want to Be Accepted for Me. As i Will accept them For Being Them Selves. #Savo “Im Still Living”.

Thank You Bro For The Opportunity. #Savo . . .