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  • BMR Skyzoo Interview (9-27-12)

    Photo credit: Joey Amandola

    As the wind reminds my shirtless arms that fall is undeniable upon us, Skyzoo, casually but immaculately color coordinated, emerges from the front door of his Brooklyn crib. Rocking a crisp Carmelo Anthony USA Basketball tee shirt and red, white and navy blue Nike Zooms to match, Skyzoo enthusiastically greets me. The organization in his attire should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed the Brooklyn MC’s career as they know order and purpose is the theme. Whether it was the way he flawlessly executed last year’s The Great Debater or his Theo vs J.J. (Dreams vs Reality) project, Skyzoo always seems to have a plan. With the Langston Hughes title-inspired A Dream Deferred slated to drop next Tuesday, October 2nd, Skyzoo took some time out from his schedule to chop it up with me. Among the topics we touched on, Sky expressed his excitement about his new album, meeting and working with Jill Scott and his reaction to fellow rapper Torae’s proclamation that, “Skyzoo’s one of the best rapper’s to ryhme of any era.”  Continue reading  Post ID 2988

  • Video: Elliott Wilson and Young Jeezy Interview Pt. 3

    In the last installment of Elliott Wilson’s sit down with Young Jeezy the artist talks candidly about how he reacted to people writing him off, the trappings of fame, feeling empathy for T.I., how he selected his features and the driving force behind TM: 103. Great conversation, TM: 103 in stores today!

    Part 1 Part 2

  • BMR Interview: Skyzoo “Ahead Of The Curve”

    When you sit down and talk to Skyzoo it becomes easy to understand why the arrow charting the progress of his career is in the up position. Outstanding projects aside (and there has been quite a few), more importantly you realize the ultra talented Brooklyn based MC has a fully thought plan out before he even puts pen to paper.

    So it should come as no surprise that from his debut mixtape Corner Store Classic, to the critically acclaimed The Great Debater (a mixtape so well put together, it played like an album) that his name is already popping up in the conversation about our lyrical greats. Recently I had an opportunity to sit down and chop it up with the former Freestyle Friday participant as we went over several topics including his desire to work with Lupe Fiasco and why he calls The Salvation his IllmaticContinue reading  Post ID 2134

  • Interview: Sonja Blade’s Story

    Back in the mid to late nineties the landscape for female MCs was a lot more promising than it is in the current climate. At anytime on commercial radio you could hear songs from artists like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Rah Digga and Eve. At the same time a female rapper from Brooklyn by the name of Sonja Blade was also slowly building her underground buzz with several memorable appearances on various mixtapes and freestyles. With high profile verses on Kay Slay’s “Seven Deadly Sins” and Rah Digga’s “Do The Ladies Run This” from her Dirty Harriet debut album, Virgin Records soon scooped up the rhyme rookie. Armed with her first major deal and the DJ Premier produced single, “Look 4 Tha Name,” Sonja seemed poised to be that next one. You know what they say about those best laid plans though and everything soon went awry. What Sonja attributed to bad business and creative differences with Virgin led to them parting ways and her seemingly disappearing from the rap world. I recently caught up with Sonja and we sat down to talk about what happened back then, the pitfalls of the music industry and what her approach will be now as a wiser and more experienced artist. Continue reading  Post ID 1397