Block Divas

Every media site has its section dedicated to the beautiful women of the world. Often times, these women are beyond gorgeous; pretty face and a banging body. While this might be enough to pacify most who adore them, some of us are left to think what these females are really like. This section of the site is dedicated to the beautiful women who are also smart, ambitious and independent. It’s not too often that a woman gets to showcase her wit and skill, well, here’s your shot. Chosen females will have a write-up on our site as well as a gallery of their pictures.

While we won’t ask for a copy of your transcripts, you must be able to demonstrate some form of wit. Are you in school? Do you run your own side business? Can you answer what is E=MC²? Bottom Line: Looks alone wont get you featured in this section of the website. If all you can do is scribble a website on a piece of paper, lick your lips, and dance seductively to the latest song while your kid watches in the background then there are other sites you might want to be featured at.


Anais Lauren Perretta

Anais is an aspiring singer/songwriter hailing from the city of wind, Chicago IL.  You can catch her latest tracks “Quickie” and “Good Woman” on Youtube.  Be sure to check for her in the future.  Anais is on her way up, thanks for blessing Block Muzik Radio….


Kima Hotness

Kima is a 92.3 Radio Personality hosting the ever popular Raw TV Radio from 8 to 11 PM on Sunday nights.  Where new artists both local and from other cities can showcase their music in hopes of making their mark on the industry.  Kima not only hosts, but dabbles in the modeling/acting industry as well through her own company, Kima Hotness, LLC.  Kima is definitely on the up and up and making moves as I type up this bio.  Thanks for blessing Block Muzik Radio Kima…