Mixtape: DJ Rhude Presents: Nas – The Found Tapes

Nas probably has one of the more vast collections of unreleased material of any rap artist. A lot of those tracks have been floating around on the net for years but of poor quality or riddled with DJ drops. That is until I opened up my vault to give you, DJ Rhude Presents: Nas – The Found Tapes, a nice collection of those songs properly labeled and in the CDQ mastered form Nasir intended his fans to hear them in. Included is the studio mastered version of “Hope”, that was sent to me straight from the producer of the track. It is far better quality than the one that is on the internets. This one is for the fans, enjoy!

Tracklist + download after the cut. 

DJ Rhude Presents: Nas – The Found Tapes DOWNLOAD

11 Responses to Mixtape: DJ Rhude Presents: Nas – The Found Tapes

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  3. Thanks DJ Rhude!

  4. thank you, pretty dope. Be even better without your drops. guess this is the best we’ll get of these. you proved that these songs are still out there all this time.

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  6. Rhude! I hate to sound like an ungrateful bastard but you should drop a few of them joints untagged liked you dropped the first two.

    Seeds of Heaven
    Your Mouth Got You In It
    Tales From the Hood
    Rise and Fall

    You know everyone was excited because they were expecting the CDQ w/no tags. Still you get props for blessing us with the old Nasty Nas but go ahead and seal the deal for us collectors out here.

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  8. Major props on the tape. There is still a lot of great songs in shitty quality that need to be released in CDQ, so here’s hoping for a volume 2. If you decide to do it, let the Nas heads request a few tracks that you could track down. Thanks again.

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