Mixtape Throwback: DJ Rhude Presents “Welcome To The 2004 NBA Playoffs” (Ron Artest Interview)

“I felt that the Knicks was going to pick me especially since I was available at 15 and there was nobody else left that was better than me. I proved to be right when Frederick Weiss went in front of me, I mean I never seen this cat so I figured he had to have some kind of talent. But the Knicks should’ve picked me, they should’ve gave me a shot. I definitely, definitely wanted to be a Knick, I wasn’t running from NY.”

That was Ron Artest when I had an opportunity to interview him fresh off a four game sweep over the Celtics during the 2004 NBA playoffs.

Even though the Knicks stupidly drafting Weis over Ron was old news by then, it still hurt my Knick soul to hear Artest speak those words. Last we saw of Weis was when Air Canada scheduled a flight over his head. It wasn’t all Knick talk on this mixtape though as Ron and I discussed several basketball topics buoyed by a bunch of dope tracks in between. One rapper to note who made his debut on my tape is Maino, you may’ve heard of him. Shoutout to Russ Bengtson who gave the mixtape a look in SLAM Magazine back then and my boy Prof who was instrumental in making this interview happen.

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