NBA 2K15 Simulation Predicts Golden State Warriors As Champs

NBA 2K15 Playoff Sim Bracket

With the 2015 NBA Playoffs tipping off today, 2K has simulated every round and the Golden State Warriors reigned supreme. The full simulated bracket was completed using their NBA simulation game controlled by AI to play out the results of each matchup and series all the way through the finals.


The Playoffs
It’s that special time of year when the 2014-2015 NBA Playoffs arrive and teams are ready to begin their journey towards achieving the end goal: the NBA Championship. With an unpredictable and exhilarating end to the regular season, we saw multiple teams fighting for their playoff lives en route to setting up the final seeding. Naturally, here at 2K we were excited to see what results NBA 2K15 yielded once the matchups were locked. Who’s winning it all according to the most realistic basketball simulation out there? Find out right here in our official NBA 2K15 playoff simulation.

Seeding proved important as almost all the top seeds advanced on in our sim – with two first round exceptions. The 6th seed Spurs knocked out the Clippers in a heated 7-game series and Washington pulled off an upset over Toronto. The Warriors (4-1), Blazers (4-2), Rockets (4-1), Hawks (4-2), Cavs (4-1) and Chicago (4-0) all moved into the conference semi-finals in their respective series.


The second round proved why the top 8 teams were still in the big dance for a reason. The Warriors and Blazers battled it out in a close series with Golden State topping Portland 4-2. Portland’s lack of defense in the backcourt and recent injuries were ultimately the difference as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson shined throughout. The battle of Texas raged on as the Rockets took on the Spurs. Despite the continued MVP level of play from James Harden, the Spurs proved why they are the defending champions, stealing yet another Game 7 on the road to advance on to the Western Conference Finals.

Meanwhile in the East, the Hawks dominated the Wizards 4-2 in the series, showcasing the many reasons why they earned the #1 seed in the East. The Cavs also gelled in their series, defeating the Bulls 4-1. Many thought if Cleveland peaked at the right time, their chemistry could make them a dangerous opponent, favorites even, to contend for the NBA championship.


The Western Conference Finals brought us the narrative of old vs new as the defending champions took on the red hot Warriors. While many predicted this series to go in the Spurs’ favor, it was the Warriors playing flawless basketball as Golden State defeated incumbent champion San Antonio 4-3. Despite a fighting effort by the Spurs, the Warriors battled their way through four close games, edging out San Antonio each time and showing the maturation process the team has experienced to earn the #1 seed in the West.

The East also came down to the best two teams in the conference with the Hawks taking on the Cavs. Much like Golden State out West, the Cavs were red hot and brought their A-game to A Town. The amazing play of LeBron and teammate Kyrie Irving made the offense of the Cavs an unstoppable force. The Hawks ultimately would fall to the defensive efforts of the Cavs, and Cleveland proved why having the best player on the planet matters.


The stage was now set.
The 2015 NBA Finals.

Game 1 provided a close game as the Warriors defeated the Cavs by one, 117-116. Led by Curry (32 points) and Klay (30) points, Golden State was poised in their NBA Finals debut. LeBron (26/12/6) and Kyrie (36) nearly led their team to the game 1 victory, but ultimately, Stephen Curry sealed this one with a huge shot in the clutch.

Game 2 was all Warriors as the bench was too much for the Cavs. Golden State went up 2-0 in the series, winning the game 109-99 behind the impressive bench-play and Harrison Barnes’ 22-point performance.


Returning to Cleveland, LeBron’s 36-point triple-double led the Cavs back into the series with a 110-103 victory over the Warriors. Cleveland’s momentum was short lived however, as the Warriors edged out a very close game 4 116-112 behind Curry’s 32 points. Klay was too hot down the stretch, dropping 20 points (15 in the 4th quarter), showcasing an all-time great Finals scoring performance reminiscent of what many fans were enamored by during the regular season.

Cleveland took Game 5, 125-120, still trailing the series 3-2 however. Despite Curry’s huge 43 point performance, LeBron’s 44-points bested Curry and the Warriors on this night.

The Warriors would ultimately respond behind Stephen Curry’s 46 point performance in game 6 en route to the NBA Championship, defeating the Cavs 113-104 with backcourt star Steph Curry earning Finals MVP. This series showcased two of the best teams in basketball, and it did not disappoint. NBA 2K15’s simulation of this wild road only proved one thing – we’re in for a wild ride this NBA playoffs.