Preview: Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

RB2 Screens 1

Publisher: Ratloop Asia Pte Ltd
Developer: Ratloop Asia
Platforms: PS4, PS3
Released: TBA

2012 saw the arrival of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, a traditional game that reminded me of the old Contra games, with a more lighthearted spin on it. Rocketbirds still offered plenty of frenetic violence except it featured birds as the target practice. Enter Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, the sequel that sees Hardboiled Chicken’s return as he looks to end the evil iL Putzki’s reign of terror.

RB2 Screens 5

For the purposes of this preview I only played through the first three chapters of Rocketbirds 2. The sidescroller opens with Hardboiled Chicken’s main protagonist, the totalitarian Penguin ruler iL Putzki, still alive and kicking. In keeping things light with the humorous tone of the game, Hardboiled actually finds out in the local newspaper that Putzki is still alive where they criticize him for not finishing the villain. The harsh critique lights a fire under hardboiled’s feathers and he springs into action. Developer Ratloop Asia isn’t revolutionizing things with its narrative, but the simplistic nature of the game is what makes it so engaging. Killing the sinister Putzki won’t be easy as he’s aided by his whole army, as well as the Trans-dimension Space Owls.

Each chapter mixes up the gameplay and introduces new components that keep things exciting and fun. You’ll meet new allies that help out more than expected in their own unique ways. Evolution’s gameplay is largely the same as its predecessor’s, utilizing twin-stick firing and moving controls, making for gameplay that’s about spraying bullets on your enemies from any direction as you move through the 2.5D landscape in the aforementioned Contra style fashion. Players will also have some new tools available to them. Early in the game, Hardboiled picks up a communicator that dropped off an enemy and he can use it to momentarily control enemy soldiers to do his bidding (such as unlocking doors on the level he cannot get through).

RB2 Screens 2

Multiplayer is now available through the aptly titled Rescue Mode where you have to rescue captive friendlies scattered across levels that are procedurally generated. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution. was a fun and addictive game and I’m looking forward to reviewing the game in its entirety when it hits the PlayStation 4 and Vita very soon. – written by DJRhude (@DJRhude)