Review: Monster Elements Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


With the increasing sophistication of headphones, audio has enjoyed a resurgence, riding high on a wave of consumer demand, that requires it’s device to look as good as it sounds. This fact has not been lost on Monster as their newly released Monster Elements boats their traditional crisp sound coupled with a stylish look.

Monster Elements are rather large even by your typical over-the-ear headphone standards, but they are slickly designed in such a way that you can give their large girth a pass. They are available in a couple different styles, Monster Rose Gold, and Monster Black Slate. The Gold Elements (the pair I was sent for this review) are particularly eye catching and you will get more than a few inquisitive looks rocking these in public. Elements were designed with the casual user and DJs alike in mind as the ear cups swivel in a way that they pivot forward for DJs to have one ear open and one cup over the other ear. The ear cups also fold inward and fit snugly inside the carrying case that comes as part of the package. The high grade plastic they were designed with, gives them a solid feel without being overly heavy and they fit comfortably over your ears. The ear pads are made from foam and covered in a soft material that feels good over the ear without inducing any sweating.


When Monster first announced these headphones at the beginning of the year, they boasted that they would redefine the wireless headphone category and for the most part they deliver on that promise. The Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology provides a tight, deep bass and dynamic sound throughout all tracks. While the emphasis is on bass, the mids and highs get their fair share of love and everything works together to provide a crisp, sharp sound. There are also two custom sound profiles you can explore – “Natural” and “Club.” After experimenting with both I found I preferred the “Natural” setting as that provided more of a bass heavy sound. Probably my favorite feature of the Elements is the on-ear swipe controls. The sides of the headphones are free of buttons as the swipe controls give you free range of the songs you are listening to. Through just swiping you can play, pause, change the volume and switch tracks. Sliding up or down with your finger on the right ear cup increases/decreases the volume. If you tap in the same spot you can play, pause, answer/end a phone call and accept call waiting. To go forward on tracks tapping two times with your finger is required, three times to go back. The swipe controls are pretty sensitive so it took me awhile to get the hang of it, but with practice it soon became second nature.

BMR Endgame

Carrying a $349 price tag Monster Elements may seem be a bit pricey but compared to other wireless headphones on the market they stack up pretty well. They are very durable and stylishly designed, and in true Monster fashion, provide an excellent sound with high quality performance from it’s frontline features. written by DJRhude (@DJRhude)

BMR Rating: 9.3 (Excellent)