Review: Monster Fatal1ty FXM100 Gaming Headset

Publisher: Monster
Developer: Monster
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Released: Out Now

The field of gaming headsets is a very competitive and crowded one but that didn’t deter Monster from throwing their proverbial hat into the ring. The brand most known for their cables and high-performance headphones announced at E3 this past June a new partnership with Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel, a 12x world champion gamer and founder of the award winning collection of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear products. Under the agreement Monster and the Fatal1ty team collaborated on the design in an effort to bring to market a gaming headset that brought performance and value at a price gamers new and experienced could readily afford. The slickly designed FXM100 meets both criteria delivering crisp sound with a $79.95 price tag that won’t kill your pockets.

The FXM100 even with the boom mix attached (included with the headset) weighs in at under 8 ounces providing lasting comfort and features a headband construction that is super-flexible. Any gamer will tell you a comfortable headset is critical to those marathon gaming sessions as an ideal one is so ultra-light you want to forget you’re even wearing it. The in-line audio control is equipped with a CITA compatible 3.5mm audio jack and it is about 1.1m in length. Being that this is a wired headset it was important the that the team hit the sweet spot with the appropiate length. Fortunately they accomplish this as the cable as it isn’t too long where it starts to become cumbersome and it isn’t so short where the ear cups pull off your head with the slightest movement of your controller. The aforementioned boom mic is detachable and is located on the left ear cup, and there is a mic off/on switch on the inline control pod. The mic is not large and doesn’t extend all the way to the user’s mouth which I thought may be a problem at first but surprisingly the pick-up is very good. My mic sounds nice.


So lets get to the important part and talk about the FXM100’s sound quality. Spec wise it boasts something Monster dubbed fHex720 Sound Chamber Technology which is supposed to provide ultra-clear sound to help gamers recognize game-critical audio details quicker. I tested the FXM100 on my PS4 with it plugged into the dual shock controller to see if it lived up to the hype and was pleased to find it delivered a sound that is distortion free and natural. On games like Last of Us or Uncharted 4 you can hear every little nuance and the tight stereo channels work very well in making the distiction between the L/R sounds. This works in concert with custom-built drivers matched to the noise-isolating ear cups. About the only gripe I had with the FXM100 is it isn’t very portable. Despite the swivel in the ear cups, they do not fold completely flat so you will they won’t be easy to take with you on the go. They don’t come in a carrying case so you’d be better off hanging them up somewhere out of harms way.

The BMR Endgame

The union between Monster and Fatal1ty is off to a good start as the FXM100 offers a stylish, yet simple headset. While it was tailored for console play, it will also work on the PC via a Y adapter that will be available at a later date. With the crisp sound, light-weight design and affordable price, Fatal1ty by Monster is off to a good start. written by DJRhude (@DJRhude)

BMR Rating: 8.5

The product was sent to us for the purposes of this review. The FXM100 was tested on a PS4 system.

Please Note: These initial headsets are console-based products and can be used on a PC with a Y adaptor sold separately. When it goes for sale online it will include a Y adaptor extension cable.