Unreleased: DJ Rhude Exclusive Crooked I Freestyle (2000)


The backstory on how this came about isn’t too deep. Simply, back in 2000 I met Crooked I through a mutual friend, eventually we got cool and of that a few collaborations were born. This was around the time he was affiliated with Death Row Records and not many heads in NY was messing with him yet but my DJ ears were everywhere. Recognizing Crook was a lyrical monster, I asked him to do a few freestyles for some mixtapes I was putting out. This joint you’re about to listen to was a freestyle he spit over the “Takeover” beat. Besides ripping it to shreds he also took a few shots at Snoop Dogg who he was beefing with at the time: “you dissed me on your mixtape, that was a bitch move/for me, what does shitting on a junkie and snitch prove”

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