Unreleased: Nas + Jay Z + Lord Tariq – No Love Lost (Prod by Poke & Tone)

Nas - The Found Tapes 2_edited-1

Nas: The Found Tapes Vol. 2 drops tomorrow, in the interim here’s a bonus track that won’t be on the tape. Stream the song and read the backstory.

“Ain’t no love lost, none taken, none given” – Nas

So much wrong information out there about the origins of this track, including the white label bootleg that has it labeled as “Analyze This” – Nas featuring Lord Tariq & Jay Z . The original version of this song appeared on the advance of Shaq’s 1996 You Can’t stop The Reign album and was called “No Love Lost” where Nas was one of the features. Poke and Tone (aka Trackmasters) were credited as the producers in the album’s liner notes. When Shaq’s retail release of Reign came out, Nas was taken off the song and Lord Tariq had a completely different verse. Tariq’s verse on the original version was a harder, drug filled verse but apparently he had to clean it up to make it a bit more friendlier for Shaq’s LP. Nas’ verse was most likely taken off because of label clearance issues.

Back then when something was dope eventually it was going to make its way to a white label and a few years down the road Nas’ unreleased verse reappeared on the incorrectly titled “Analyze This” bootleg.


Whoever put this bootleg out, they took Shaq’s verse off and switched the order of the artists where it had Jay Z leading off (whereas he closed on the original) and Nas’ verse last. Before now, only low quality youtube versions existed but now here it is liberated straight from my vinyl collection in a crispy rip. Gotta love bootlegs.

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