Vinyl Throwback: Sticky Fingaz “Jackin’ For Beats”

“Jerk you for your pub I ain’t paying a fee/I just loop it up on the MPC”

Say what you want about Sticky but I always thought he was underappreciated as an MC. Apparently he agreed with that assessment because he rips this freestyle that jacks portions of tracks from Jay Z, Ja Rule, Nas, 50 Cent, Juvenile, Onyz, Lil Cease, Eve, and Busta Rhymes. And goes in. This was around the time he was signed to Universal records and the label sent this out to increase his radio and mixtape buzz. The shots he took at 50 on his own beat was kinda funny as well. Overall this was a well put together freestyle, beat transitions were seamless.

Sticky Fingaz “Jackin’ For Beats” LINK

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